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Statistics Coursework Essay Example

Statistics Coursework Essay I have been asked to examine the students attendance figures from all year groups (7, 8, 9, 10 and 11) at Hamilton Community College. I will be investigating whether the age of the students affects their attendance figures at school and does it affect their learning and exam results as well? To start my research, I was given the attendance figures by the school for all of the year groups for the 2003 2004 academic years. I will then start to process data (attendance figures) firstly by reducing the amount of data that I will have to process using the method of stratified sampling. By using stratified sampling I will then only use a fair amount of data according to the percentage that Im comfortable with. I will only be using 20% of the attendance figures from each year. A scientific calculator is used, to randomly select attendance figures that I am going to use, so that the new set of statistics isnt bias and isnt affected by my conscious decision. Using the new set of data, I will collate the data in frequency tables (to display all of the frequency distributions), in order to enable easy interpretation and analysis. Secondly, after collating the data, I will then display the new set of data in forms of graphs/diagrams and charts so that it will be easier for me to compare and study the figures. From these graphs/diagrams and charts, I will calculate the central tendency for all the year groups (mean, median) and also the dispersion of each year group by calculating the quartiles (upper quartile, lower quartile and interquartile range) which will also ensures that the figures that I am going to process and compare are only the true average (middle 50% of the data). It is vital for me to choose the most appropriate graphs/diagrams or charts to display the datas properties effectively and clearly. Graphs like the normal distribution curves are ever so important in these type of investigation especially because the graph itself summarise so many vital information such as the We will write a custom essay sample on Statistics Coursework specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now We will write a custom essay sample on Statistics Coursework specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer We will write a custom essay sample on Statistics Coursework specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer Thirdly, I will then analyse all of the results that I will get from the calculations and evaluate it against my hypothesis. I will analyse all of the data in a more depth by doing standard deviation and Spearmans rank correlation coefficient that will allow me to compare and analyse the data properties using different methods. Finally, I will then come to a conclusion stating whether the age does or does not affect the attendance of the students and their learning at school. Hypothesis Does the age of the students affect their attendance at school? There is a probability that there is a small relationship between the age of the students and their attendance figures at school or there is no relationship at all. However, the students appreciation of the importance of their attendance figures does and this is why (in my opinion) the attendance figures vary between students. Nevertheless, the students that are within their exam years should have a much higher attendance percentage than those who dont. In my opinion, age does not affect the attendance of the students at all. I think the attendance figures of the students at Hamilton totally depends on the students environment and maturity in terms of their understanding of the importance of their attendance figures at school (e.g. for future reference when their career year approaches). However, even though it seems like the Year 11 GCSE students tend to come to school much more often or supposed to attend school everyday than the Year 7s, to me, this doesnt have any relations with age at all. Just because the student is a Year 7 pupil, that doesnt mean that their attendance figures are going to be really low. This also applies for the GCSE students (Year 10s and 11s); just because the student is taking their GCSE it doesnt mean that their attendance is going to be a full 100% (even though it should be like that). A Year 7 pupil could have a 100% attendance figure just like a Year 11 student and it doesnt have to relate to age at a ll. A 6, 10, 12 and even 15-year-old students can still have a stunning 100% attendance figures at school just by having that one important reason of why they have to come to school everyday (and again it might not have anything to do with age at all). So, I do not believe that the age of the students affect the attendance at school. Does attendance affect the students learning and their exam results? There is a relationship between the attendance of the students and their exams results. Students who comes to school often or everyday, to learn, tend to improve and have much better exam results than those who dont. I believe that the attendance of a student does affect their exam results. For students who come to school everyday learns more than the students who dont attend regularly. Therefore, more education equals better exam results. But, there are some students, who do not come to school as often as they should but still get good results (naturally clever as people would say it). This is true and I agree. However, I think these extraordinary students must have another form or way of learning when not at school (the student might be an independent learner for example). But for those who are not an independent learner and still get wonderful exam results, they might concentrate hard in lessons when they are actually in school and absorbs everything that they learn. So, basically overall, I think the attendance of the students does affect their learning and exams results. Plan 1. In order for me to investigate this problem, I was given a secondary type of data of the attendance of all the students in Hamilton Community College in the 2003 2004 academic years from Year 7s to Year 11s. It would be unreasonable and difficult for me to use all of the data given, as it will consume a lot of time during the calculation process. Because of this Ive decided to use the stratified sampling method to handle the vast amount of data. This way, it does not only reduce the amount of time for me to process the data, it also reduces its quantity. The attendance figures of all of the students will be divided according to the year groups they belong to in ascending order (0% 100%). I will then label them from 1 to how many attendance figures there are in the year group (1, 2, 3267). By using a scientific calculator, I will use the RANDOM button to randomly select 20% of the total attendance figures in the particular year. This way, the new set of data will not only be much smaller, but also ensures that I have a fair proportion of responses from each year and it is not bias as it is done without my conscious decision. 2. The new stratified data will then be investigated, compared and analysed with each other to see whether it matches with my hypothesis. Since that the data is a grouped, continuous data, below are the graphs/diagrams and charts that I will be using to display the data clearly: 2.1 Cumulative frequency polygons A cumulative frequency polygon shows the trend of growth of continuous data. It is also useful for estimating how much more or less there is than a certain amount. So, I will be able to estimate the averages much easier using these graphs rather than using tables. By using cumulative frequency polygons, I can also calculate the quartiles of the data, which will not only measure the spread of the data but also display the central 50% of the data (excluding the highest and lowest value interquartile range). This could be shown much evidently by using the box and whiskers diagram. 2.2 Box and whisker diagram The box and whisker diagram will be used to stress the quartiles and also to show its (shape) distribution whether it has a symmetrical distribution, negative skew or positive skew. It also shows the median of the data. Box and whiskers diagram can be easily compared with each other to see which year group have a stronger (higher) percentage of attendance during the academic year. 2.3 Histograms I am going to use histograms instead of bar charts is because the data Im using is a continuous grouped data. Histogram uses the area of the bars to represent the frequencies rather than the heights like normal bar charts. It may have equal or unequal intervals. A histogram with equal intervals is a frequency diagram (only the height of the bars vary), however, a histogram with unequal intervals, the area of each bar is proportional to the frequency of each class and the height of the bars are based on the frequency density. By using histograms, I am then able to see the shape of the distribution, whether it has a symmetrical distribution and positive or negative skew. 2.4 Standard deviation Standard deviation is the square root of a variance. Variance is a measure of spread that uses all of the data. By doing the standard deviation I am then able to see the Normal distribution for each year and also compare them with each other and see much more clearly which year group have a higher attendance figure. 2.5 Spearmans rank correlation coefficient The spearmans rank correlation coefficient is going to be used for the Year 9 attendance and their SATs results to see how they correlate with each other. This will prove whether attendance have an effect on their exam results or people who get good results are just naturally clever. 2.6 Normal distribution Normal distribution is a family of distributions that have the same general shape. They are symmetric with scores more concentrated in the middle than in the tails. Normal distributions are sometimes described as bell shaped. 2.7 Scatter diagrams The relationship between two variables can be shown through scatter diagrams. By using scatter diagrams, I am able to see the correlation clearly and state whether the variables have any sort of relationship together. However, this can be looked at in depth with spearmans rank correlation coefficient. 3. The reason of why I am using ever so many graphs/diagrams and charts is because I believe that you cannot display all of the information you want to display by using a single graph in this investigation. Further more, the more (appropriate) graphs/diagrams and charts I do, the more information Ill receive on the attendance of each year group. Also, I will be able to compare the results in a much better way and give a more specific answer towards the research. 4. Using all of these diagrams I will then compare all of the students attendance for each year. Then I will also analyse all of these graphs and diagrams and actually come to a conclusion that tells me all the information I need (e.g. which year group have the best attendance figures) for this investigation. 5. With this final conclusion I will compare it against my hypothesis and evaluate it to see whether it has any connections towards my hypotheses I worked out earlier. Finally, I will then state whether or not the final statement has anything to do with the hypotheses. Below is the secondary data Ive received of the attendance of the school according to each year.

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Scalet Moby essays

Scalet Moby essays The two authors Herman Melville and Nathaniel Hawthorne share much interest in both their stories. They both have examples of the dark side of human nature and the complexities of human psychology. Also some of the characters in their story get alienated, also some have distortions in their ego. They both have many examples of these in their stories. In Moby Dick, Melville used Captain Ahab to show the dark side of human nature. I (Ahab) will wreak that hate upon him. (Moby) Talk not to me of blasphemy man; Id strike the sun as if it insulted me.(Melville 237) This shows Ahab expressing his dark nature toward the white whale Moby. Now in The Scarlet Letter, Hawthorne uses Chillingworth to show the dark side of human nature. I shall see him (Dimmesdale) tremble. I shall feel myself shudder, suddenly and unawares. Sooner or later, he must needs be mine. (The Scarlet Letter, 52) Chillingworth indeed shows his evil by going after Dimmesdale like that. It is almost inhumane to have that kind of hate toward someone. The complexity of human psychology basically means why do people do the things they do. Vengeance on a dumb brute!(Melville, 237) Starbuck, Ahabs second hand man says this toward the captain. He wonders why Ahab goes after something so dumb and unimportant when he can easily be rich by going after the whales that are easy to capture. Hester Prynne is used in The Scarlet Letter to get Hawthornes point across. Resumed the symbol of which we have related so dark a tale. Never afterwards did it not leave her bosom.(The Scarlet Letter, 179) The symbol of which Hawthorne is of course the letter A which Hester wore to show she committed the crime of adultery. In the end of the story she has the chance to not wear the letter any more and start over again. But she keeps wearing it in public showing people of her crime. This is very strange for a human to...

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Tax Havens or Offshore Financial Centre Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Tax Havens or Offshore Financial Centre - Essay Example in Europe, Hong Kong and Singapore in Asia, and various Caribbean island nations in the Americas.† (2004: p 2) The study makes a comparative analysis of the tax haven regions with heavy tax zones to project the differences economies examine in respect of laving taxes on the companies and firms. The present study has also been supported by the literature relevant to the topic of the research. The research also contains theoretical framework in its fold that is helpful in elucidating the topic under study. Different economies of the world at large have offered a variety of incentives to the corporations, organisations, and firms so that investment can be made within their economic set up, and economy could observe an imperative boost in the state of perfect competition created all over the globe in the aftermath of globalisation. The UK, USA, the UAE and other countries have established offshore centres for the local, national and multinational firms and brands, where the firms of sound reputation are offered considerable concessions in taxes and tolls, which encourages more and more firms make investment under rules and regulations designed by the governments for the offshore centres. â€Å"According to the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development†, Almeida submits, â€Å"international tax competition is lowering tax rates and making government expenditure more efficient worldwide.† (2004: p 2) Though tax havens do not exist in China and Germany in their t rue definition, yet there exist several low tax authorities in many countries of the world. These include Italy, the USA, Canada, China, Germany, France, Australia and others. â€Å"About a quarter of US and UK FDI†, Dharmapala notices, â€Å"is located in tax havens. By way of comparison, tax havens are home to only 0.7 per cent of the worlds population when havens are defined as in DH (2006), or just 0.2 per cent when using the OECD definition.† (2008: p 4) Since low tax rates leave indelible

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Review of Accounting Ethics Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Review of Accounting Ethics - Essay Example Accounting ethics, which are set by the International Accounting Standards Board (IASB), and the Securities and Exchange Commission (Audi, 2009). The ethics are contained in the accounting principles that dictate the way businesses should account for their sales, profits, and costs. The principles are known as the International Financial Reporting standards, and these govern mainly public organizations, which are required to publish their annual statements. In the last decade, there has risen cases of bleach of accounting ethics, and this raised questions among investors concerning the effectiveness of the business environment (Kushniroff, 2011). The cases involved organizations such as Enron, Tyco, WorldCom, and Yahoo among others. The rise of these cases triggered the implementation of several regulations in the accounting sector, which include the requirement for accountability and the involvement of the community in dealing with cases that concern bleach of ethics. The accounting environment requires state corporations to reveal their annual statements to the public through the media. The accounting boards require companies also to employ internal and external auditors to verify the annual statements. Business stakeholders such as investors and shareholders are now more aware of business ethics than they were in the last decade. This indicates that the business environment and regulations are conducive for ethical behavior (Kushniroff, 2011). Those who break the rules are individuals who are mainly interested in making personal gains rather than companies. 2. Based on your research, describe the organization, the accounting ethical breach and the impact to the organization related to ethical breach. Tyco is a company that offers fire fighting and prevention equipments to industries such as banking, transportation, health care, and marine in over fifty countries in the globe. Kozlowski, the chief Executive of the Company in 2002, bleached the accounting prin ciples of the firm by assigning himself illegal bonuses worth six hundred million dollars. The executive also used the company’s finances personally by purchasing expensive jewels and organizing private parties (SEC, 2002). The company suffered the loss of finances that were used by the executive to satisfy his personal needs. Tyco also wasted finances when following up the case against the executive; this money would have been used more efficiently had the case not arisen. The organization also lay off numerous workers. These consequences led to the decline in the company’s sales and profits that consequently reduced price of the firm’s stock (Kushniroff, 2011). 3. Determine how the organizational ethical issue was detected and how management failed to create an ethical environment. The case against the CEO of Tyco company was brought to light by Robert Morgenthau, a Manhattan District Attorney in 2002 (SEC, 2002). The attorney discovered the fraud while he was investigating cases of tax evasion against Kozolowski. The investigation of tax evasion had been ordered by the Securities and Exchange Commission, which had discovered that Tyco was settling personal taxes for Kozolowski. Robert disclosed the fraudulent statements that he discovered in the company’s books to the SEC, which then launched further investigations. The management of the company had failed to cover personal expenses with their salaries. The investigation

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Suicide in Northern Canada: A Sociological Perspective

Suicide in Northern Canada: A Sociological Perspective Suicide in Northern Canada: A Sociological Perspective from Two Contrasting Views Joel Ontiveros I. Introduction A growing suicide problem has plagued an indigenous community in northern Canada. Different indigenous communities have had a spike in suicide and attempted suicide due to many social and economic issues. In this essay, I aim to contrast two sociological perspectives of Emile Durkheim and Karl Marx in relation to how and why the native population in northern Canada is having a suicide crisis. II. Suicide in Northern Canada In the Pimicikamak Cree Nation in northern Canada there have been six deaths from suicide within the first months of 2016. In addition to these there have been one hundred and forty attempted suicides within the same indigenous community. According to the New York Times article, [a] Wave of Indigenous Suicides Leaves Canadian Town Appealing for Help, author Liam Stack claims that this wave of suicides is attributed to a faulty relationship between the Canadian government and the native community. The area residents live in extreme poverty and have an unemployment rate of eighty-five percent. Moreover, the native communities poverty leads to a sense of alienation from the non-native southern Canadians who live a more comfortable life. The community and other native communities in northern Canada receive no government investments and do not have access to employment. In addition, there are no hospitals and mental health institutions for hundreds of miles away from the communities. The community, only [has one] fill-time mental health worker [who] has no medical or psychological training, just a bachelors degree in social work.[1] Stack claims that the lack of government cooperation with the communities and trauma from colonialism is what led up to this epidemic. In retrospect, the natives were forced into an alien culture and were stripped of their ancient culture. III. Solidarity and Anomic Suicide From a historical point of view, Emile Durkheim would argue that the spike in suicides in northern Canada is a result of the historical transformation from a more primitive mechanical society to [a] more organic society.[2] Durkheim claimed that a mechanical society is attached together by the common duty that everybody merely does the same type of things. In a mechanical society, all individuals would have a job to fulfill, such as hunting or gathering. This mechanical solidarity would result in individuals having a place in society and feeling a sense of belonging. It is evident that before the Americas were colonized, the natives lived in a mechanical solidarity system that consisted in every individual having a role. These determined roles focused on the collective and did not emphasize individualism. In contrast, once a society has a larger amount of people with more interaction, what Durkheim termed dynamic density, then that society will convert to an organic solidarity, Addit ionally, a division of labor is a factor in this social paradigm. The society becomes more efficient in production because the division of labor demands that the majority of individuals become specialized at a certain task. He believed that anomie happens in an organic society, which is defined as A sense associated with organic solidarity, of not knowing what one is expected to do; of being adrift in society without any clear and secure moorings.[3] Indeed, the native population in northern Canada has become a victim of organic solidarity. The lack of government resources and jobs leads individuals to feel alienated. These individuals do not have a place in modern society because of the lack of jobs and the improper assimilation that was inhumane in the first place, and did not fully incorporate the natives into the European Canadian society. In Durkheims book Suicide, he argued that people a more likely to kill themselves when they do not know what is expected of them.[4] He created categories of suicide that explain why suicide happens. One of his four types of suicide is termed anomic suicide, which he defined as: People are more likely to kill themselves when they do not know what is expected of them, where regulation is low, and they are largely free to run wild. This mad pursuit is likely to prove unsatisfying and, as a result, a higher percentage of people in such a situation are apt to commit this type of suicide.[5] It is evident that the general suicides in northern Canada can be linked to anomic suicide. The individuals do not have access to jobs or resources and live in a society that constantly promotes individualism. The lack of not knowing what to do with oneself, could lead to many existential dilemmas that repressed societies must confront. IV. Class Conflict In a contrasting sociological view, one could link a spike of suicides in northern Canada to the alienation of individuals from class conflict. Karl Marx argued that under capitalism, individuals become alienated from their family, friends, and coworkers, because of a constant conflict between the workers and capitalists. The workers or proletariat have a subsistent wage that merely lets them survive, the majority of natives living in northern Canada do not even have jobs because of an 85% unemployment rate. The natives could be labeled as the lumpenproletariat, or individuals that are below the workers, who may be constantly unemployed. While the lumpenproletariat is below the workers, they still are affected by the clash between the proletariat and bourgeoisie. The capitalists are constantly seeking ways to take advantage of surplus wages, which causes a conflict between the workers. The exploitation of surplus value leads to less resources for communities such as the northern nati ve Canadians. The lack of resources due to exploitation can be compounded with Durkheims organic solidarity, and anomic suicide to highlight the spike in suicides. Additionally, bourgeoisie dominant ideology dictates what norms/mores are to be assimilated by a community. These assimilations have created a cultural genocide for the indigenous population. V. Conclusion The indigenous of northern Canada have seen a spike in suicide because of anomic suicide and the sense of not belonging or knowing what to do in an organic solidarity paradigm. The rise in suicide can also be linked to the class conflict between the capitalists and the workers. Although, the majority of the natives are unemployed, they still are affected by the dominant ideology which dictates the norms that they were forced to assimilate. [1] Cite article pg 2 [2] Book pg 15 [3] Book pg 20 [4] Pg 22 [5] Pg 22

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Ive of Collaborative Goal Setting

Unit 7 Handout 1: Worksheet Assignment Name: BMA 152 Bookkeeping Fundamentals I Worksheet Assignment Directions: Please complete the following problem: 1. Company A has the following unadjusted trial balance. Write out the following three adjusting journal entries and complete the Company A Worksheet below. Fill out the appropriate account name and transaction description for each chart. For the Debit and Credit columns, determine which data entry is to be Debit or Credit and fill out appropriately. Complete this assignment by the end of Unit Nine, 11:55 p. m. PST. a.Company A counts its supplies at the end of the month and finds that it only has $250 worth of supplies remaining on October 31, 2010. Date Account name & Transaction description Debit Credit b. Company A receives a payment from Customer XYZ on October 31, 2010 for $2,000 for Customer XYZ’s outstanding receivable. Date Account name & Transaction description Debit Credit c. Company A received an invoice from the el ectric company covering the month of October for $85 and an invoice related to shipping for $200, but Company A did not pay these invoices by October 31, 2010. DateAccount name & Transaction description Debit Credit Unit 7 Handout 1: Worksheet Assignment Company A Worksheet For Month Ended October 31, 2010 Unadjusted  Trial Balance Debit Cash Adjustments Credit Debit Adjusted  Trial  Balance Credit Debit Credit Income  Statement Debit Credit Balance  Sheet Debit Credit 2,800. 00 350. 00 4,310. 00 Accounts Payable 600. 00 Accrued Liabilities Product  Sales 5,500. 00 Supplies Accounts Receivable Utilities  Expense Supplies Expense Shipping Expense 40. 00 Equity (Capital) 1,400. 00 7,500. 00 7,500. 00 Net  Income Total Instructor’s  Feedback:

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BUS 237 †Assignment 1: MIS Article Critique Essay

BUS 237 – Assignment 1: MIS Article Critique Due Date/Time: Check Canvas Assignments for the due date/time for your section! Objective and Background: Many of the concepts you will be learning throughout this course are best understood as well as more interesting if you are aware of current and emerging MIS-related news in academic journals, newspapers, and magazines. This assignment will allow you to share an article of your choice from a reputable source and critique it. Key concepts include: New and current technology; management information systems; innovation; writing business critiques; analyzing media news; and business communication skills. Directions: Find a recent article (within 6 weeks of this assignment’s deadline) from either: ï‚ · The Economist Harvard Business Review Bloomberg Business Week Wired The Globe and Mail The Financial Times New York Times Your choice of article may be generally based on a technological innovation or application of technology (successful or otherwise), or more specifically related to one of the topics we have discussed or will discuss in class (see  course outline). You must ensure that you reference your article correctly using APA referencing style, as well as to reference any other sources you use. You should provide an electronic copy of your chosen article (PDF format required) with your submission. You are required to prepare a maximum two-page summary report of this article in Microsoft Word, including a critique and/or appraisal of the article’s content; and clearly point out how it relates to at least one of the concepts from BUS 237 lectures or textbook chapters. A note about your report: You should dedicate no more than one page to summarize the article with the rest reserved for critiquing the article. You will be critiquing the content of the article. Do not critique the writing style or grammar used in the article. Focus your critique on the opinions and facts presented in the article. You should present your opinions supported by external sources such as academic publications or news stories with your critique. Examples of such critique include agreeing/disagreeing with the major takeaways of the article or extending the main points of the article with external research or personal observations. It is acceptable to write the critique using the first-person view. Review carefully and edit your write-up for grammatical and spelling mistakes missed by MS Word’s auto-correct feature. Page 1 of 3 BUS 237 – Assignment 1: MIS Article Critique Submission Instructions: This assignment is to be submitted online, using the Canvas Assignments tool. Attach your completed assignment and required supporting file(s). You will submit a 3 page document including a cover page + 2 page report in MS Word. The document should be written in a business/professional format, well organized and easy to read. Deductions will apply for poor formatting, spelling/grammatical mistakes, and poor organization of ideas. Specifically, you are expected to use MS Word styles, citation/reference manager, and cover page features. Refer to Lab Unit 2 notes for detail. Format Requirements: Please use the following fonts only: Arial, Times New Roman, Tahoma or Calibri. Do NOT use font size smaller than 11 pts. All page margins should be at least 2.5 cm (i.e., 1 inch or 72 pts). Double-space paragraph formatting is required. Only MS Word file format is accepted for the report – all other formats (e.g., PDF or MS Works) will NOT be accepted. This is very important to avoid display inconsistencies leading to unnecessary grading penalties. The cover page (this page does not count toward your report page limit) should clearly display the following information: your name, student number, TA’s name, and course/tutorial section number. Submit via Canvas Assignments tool the following two files: 1) MS Word Report consisting of your cover page + 2 pages of report content (3 pages in total) 2) PDF Copy of Article you selected for this assignment (your assignment cannot be graded without article!) Marking Criteria: Assignments are core components of BUS 237. See the assignment grading key on the last page for the evaluation criteria used to grade this assignment. Plagiarism: Students are expected to work independently on this assignment; therefore, a maximum grade of zero (0) will be given to students whose submissions suggest that they collaborated with others on their assignments. This applies to the original author of the work, as well as to those whose submissions resemble it! Late submissions will be penalized at the rate of -10 for 1 day, -50 for 2 days, -90 for 3 days! Missing assignments will result in an N (not complete) grade for this course!!! This automatically becomes a Failed (F) at the end of the semester, if the requirements (i.e., submitting the assignment) are not satisfied. Contact your TA immediately if you are having any problems with the Canvas submission process! Page 2 of 3 BUS 237 – Assignment 1: Grading Key Exceeds Expectations (20) Article directly related to ideas in  course, and from reputable  source Meets Expectations (15) Article indirectly related to ideas  in course, and from reputable  source Approaches Expectations  (10) Article indirectly related to  ideas in course, and not from  reputable source Fails Expectations (5) Article does not relate to ideas in  course, and/or is not from  reputable source Structure Organization appropriate,  appropriate length, good  presentation Organization ok, reasonable  length, reasonable presentation Several problems with  organization, length, or  presentation Inappropriate organization,  length or presentation Content  & Tone Presents critique and appraisal of  key ideas; Appropriate tone  established and maintained  throughout report in a business  professional style Some problems with  presentation of critique and  appraisal of key ideas; Appropriate tone established but  not maintained consistently Poor effort to critique and  appraise key ideas; Appropriate tone neither  established nor maintained  consistently No effort to critique and appraise  key ideas; Inappropriate tone  used