Sunday, August 25, 2019

CZ56 Critical Evaluation of Current Integrated Marketing Essay

CZ56 Critical Evaluation of Current Integrated Marketing Communications Practice - Essay Example First and foremost, most car manufacturers have been forced to adopt a whole marketing picture. Basically, this implies that the market is not a singular unit and the various entities within it have to be given attention to (Aaker, 1997). Secondly, the car manufacturing companies have been forced to re-align their communications and approach things from a consumer viewpoint. This has enabled car manufacturing companies to respond to the various demands of prospective customers (Bagozzi & Dholakia, 2002) Integrated marketing communication has made it possible for automobile companies to achieve different goals at the same time. This in turn enhances their standing in terms of credibility, positioning, network creation, and creating trust among the various prospective clients (Benkler, 2006). This form of communication has also made it possible for companies to conduct corporate social responsibility efficiently. It is also worth noting that innovative marketing strategies have been necessitated by changes in consumer trends. Most clients today are smarter and more sophisticated. These attributes also implies that they are hard to delight (Barwise & Meehan, 2010). Most prospective clients today demand commodities, which are custom made and increasingly adaptable. Thus, there is a need for maximum differentiation that will appeal to the varying needs of various consumers. Understanding a target market is important for any business entity. Failing to properly comprehend a target market can put a huge dent on the prospects of any given company (Castells, 1996). During the pre-launch of the Fiat 500 car, the company did an analysis of the market and realized that most of the potential consumers were relatively young and sophisticated. Thus, the marketing strategy was informed by this demographic of people. The strategy that was adopted by the

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