Saturday, August 10, 2019

Interactions And Dynamics Within the Communication On a TV Program Term Paper

Interactions And Dynamics Within the Communication On a TV Program - Term Paper Example The main type of non-verbal and verbal dynamics that come into play in the television series will be explained. Goals One of the most important goals of this paper is to analyze the television series Survivor and explain the interactions and dynamics within the series. The paper seeks to observe small groups of people who work together and are involved in communication so as to achieve the objectives of what they are working on. In the episode of Survivor series watched, it was clear that the characters needed to communicate so as to achieve the goals that had been set out for them. Survivor is a television program produced in many countries across the world. The show depicts contestants who are isolated in the jungle or wilderness as they compete for prizes such as cash. In the show, the contestants are constantly observed so as to determine the contestants who are able to overcome the challenges and follow the instructions that they are give. The contestants are eliminated one by o ne when they fail on performing crucial tasks such as effective communication. One of the major qualities that are tested in the contestants of the show is the ability to communicate. The contestants are usually put together in groups or teams and required to deal with their tasks or challenges as a team. They are supposed to work together to achieve common goals. Communication is thus very important among the members of these teams if they are to win the challenge (Burnett& Martin, 2000). This paper will observe the interactions and dynamics within the communications taking place in the television series. The paper is aimed at clearly describing the verbal and non-verbal dynamics that come into play in the television series. The paper also aims at looking at the behaviors of... This paper approves that the Survivor TV program employs huge communication dynamics in ensuring that the entire series irrespective of the country set, turns out to be what it should be. This means that a lot of communication dynamics are employed in the production and ultimate creation of the program. The communication has to be as interactive as it ought to be so that viewers can get an active chance to view and enjoy the series and its episodes. Communication plays a great role in the program. All the participants are expected to take time to understand instructions at both individual and team level. Once they have, they have an active chance of mapping those instructions into a winning strategy. This strategy is as a result of both the verbal and non verbal communication that is displayed by participants. At each and every stage, human conflicts arise as a result of the very many issues that make up human beings. This article makes a conclusion that the teams that have come up with a communication strategy that encompasses all that they stand for are successful in their tasks. Communication takes a distinct path from listening to instructions, to understanding what they mean. This then moves to asking questions and query clarification at each and every point in the event that something was not clear. It is important to understand that communication dynamics are best seen in the results after communication has occurred. This means that participants irrespective of what they felt when being addressed understood what was expected of them and what they were required to do.

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