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How do Christians view their faith over time and a critique of James Dissertation

How do Christians view their faith over time and a critique of James Fowler's Six Stages of Faith Development - Dissertation Example In between these stages are stages where the individual adheres to religious dogma, then breaks away from the dogma to find his or her own interpretation of faith, then comes back to faith with the newfound beliefs helping one interpret religious scripture in a different light. The methodology used in this study is qualitative in nature, as the methodology involved structured interviews. The results were that the individuals in this study did not progress neatly through Fowler’s stages, as some individuals skipped some stages, others progressed then went back to an earlier stages, and some were in two different stages at once. INTRODUCTION (The word limit for the report is 10,000 words, with only a 10% allowance either way. This draft is far too long. You need to adhere to the word limit in order to pass.) 1234567 This report will attempt to elaborate on Fowler’s Faith Stages, and attempt to use a study to ascertain whether people actually go through the faith stages. T he theory is well grounded in theory, so it would be interesting the see if the theory matches up with reality. The literature review will explain the theory in detail. The next section, Methodology, will explain the methods used for the study. The section after that will explain the data and the results of the interviews. The final section will explain how the interviews lined up with the Faith Stages and give recommendations for further study. The study’s purpose is to use research to understand if Fowler’s Faith Stages accurately represent the Christian Faith and use the data to under(?) the Faith Stages. The findings of the research will help our understanding of Fowler’s Faith Stages and whether the Stages of Faith Development can be applied in the real world. The research questions will be geared towards understanding what Fowler’s stages of faith development are. Can you re-read this please as you have not answered all of what the lecturer wants me to do CHAPTER Â  I: Â  LITERATURE Â  REVIEW NATURE OF IDENTITY (Why?), FOWLERS STAGES OF FAITH & CRITIQUE OF FOWLER’S STAGES OF FAITH In the following chapter literature that is pertinent to the aim of this study will be discussed. In this chapter, I will explain Fowler’s Stages of Faith in detail. This is important, as the nature of the study is how well Fowler’s theory aligns with what individuals actually believe and how individuals actually form their faith, therefore it is necessary to gain an in-depth understanding of these concepts. Please take note of the above in red 1. Nature of Identity 89101112132. Fowler’s Stages of Faith Development 2.1 The Nature of Faith and the Contrast With Religion (?) According to James Fowler, individuals go through six distinct stages in finding faith and meaning in life. Along the way, one’s identity changes through the different ways of processing faith. In Fowler’s case, faith does not necessaril y mean religious faith?, let alone only meaning Christian faith, but, rather, faith is a way of making sense of the forces and relations that touch all of our lives.14 It is a way for an individual to understand that oneself is not alone in the world, but rather there is a meaning and a purpose to what happens in one’s life that has to do with the collective.15 Faith is,according to Fowler, essentially transcendent and universal, and it provides a means for identity integration, as well as providing unity and meaning to one’

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