Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Recession-Proof Investments Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Recession-Proof Investments - Essay Example They are people who take calculated risks and believe in identifying areas that are going to do well even in such turbulent times rather than just acting on gut feeling and going for the venture (Kirby, 2010).This calculated risk-taking ability has enabled many people to transform their lives and today the world knows them as some of the most successful entrepreneurs of this era, this ability entails that one keenly studies the sectors that are going to do well even in such turbulent times and have a good measure of what the market is going to do in the near future and then set out on the new business venture. Â  One such industry that has been identified is that of the health care, because this is one industry that is an absolute necessity for the masses, recession or no recession people are going to get sick and there is no way that once a person is sick he or she is going to put off the medical expenditure because it is not humanly possible to do so, the fact of the matter is that people might not go for regular checkups and annual comprehensive tests and checkups but people will get sick and they will need medical health care facilities (McNutt, 2009). This is where there is an opening for the keen entrepreneur because it is an absolute necessity the risk of this venture failing is quite low and with a business plan based on the necessities of people it is always going to be successful provided the sector has been studied with immense care.

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