Saturday, August 24, 2019

Reflection Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Reflection - Essay Example It is a cause of worry since organizations must have continuity in good leadership to be able to maintain its productivity. An organization is safer when it adopts risk prevention measures, and equips current and future leaders with skills necessary to cope with any organizational changes. There are both formal and informal leaders. They all influence an organization towards achieving its goals effectively. Organizational success goes beyond an individual leaders will to achieve and the organizations chain of command. Most importantly, it is how all leaders relate together towards achievement of set goals. This is termed as collective leadership as William (2011) observes. In addition, James and Barry (2001) suggest that several things should be considered. They include: the number of leaders needed currently and expected in the future by an organization. This enables an organization base its leadership strategies on the expected turnover of employees in the organization. Leadership culture entails how leadership is practiced for example employee relations, discharge of duties and working together for a common purpose. The culture ensures that all factors affecting growth and performance of the enterprise are pooled together towards the same set targets. Demand and supply forecasting is crucial in ensuring the number of leaders employed is specific to the present and future expected needs Another factor to consider is the quality of leaders desired. Every organization must aim at employing high quality leaders for a competitive organization. Phillip (2010) sees a leader as a person who owns and takes responsibility for every action an organization takes and feels any loss incurred as his own. For organizational success, there must be leaders who are goal oriented and put all their effort and hard work to ensuring achievement of goals and

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